Stop. Just stop!


No i'm actually having this bad situation with some people related with this racist issue. & ya. I'm totally disagree with these people who can becoming too racist. I mean it! How can the color of skin, the language, the race, sex/gender & the nationality can be the reason of someones' attitude. People nowadays stereotype others too easily.

"Male is a better driver"
"Female better at parenting"
"Malays are lazy"
"Kelantan people are all a bad temper"
"Black people are not pretty"

Just because we know some people with those kind of attitude, it does not define everyone are all the same. The attitude or the personality of someone does not come from their gender or race or nationality or whatever it is. It's depends on how they are built by their parents actually. & depend on which path they choose to be from the beginning. In life, we have choice & we have to choose. Choose wisely.

In order to have a harmony lifestyle in a country. It's a MUST for us to avoid from stereotype people. Just keep calm. Live our life. Do good deeds. Be good. Be nice to everyone. Because for now the thing that we need the most is MANNERS. We don't have that. We need that in order to live peacefully. 

Let us built a good relation in society because we have lack of confidence on our politic lately. & Since we might not have a good relation with our own leader. Lets stand together for the sake of everything. Goodnight. Just a random post because of i'm having this issue in my life now.