Random post.

Its been a while since the last posted in here. So guys

All over the year i'm going through a lot. These new environment and friends and of course if there are new friend, there are a lot of new kind of attitude. I still cant adapt with all these things to be honest. Since they are just too great to be friend with me. Its even lower down my self esteem. Oh girl.

Oh wait.

I start to realized that people wont stay any longer in our life. No matter how many time they had ever promised to not walk away from us. Time changes, so do people.

& I also realized that we cannot hold everyone that ever existed in our life to stay. At least over hundred of them, might be just one who wont saying the word "goodbye" forever until the death. Thank u for stay with me guys. I'm actually lack of ideas on writing for now. I'm going to start my writing back again in sha Allah. It's almost 6 a.m, so I should getting ready for Fajr and for class of course.

So hey I already continued my study. Good luck in our life guys. May Allah bless.