With or without him,

In the end, it is you who decide;
to stay happy or to hold the grudge,
to cry all days or to ignore all that,
to be the best or to live in regret.

His existence determine nothing,
You're happy because you choose it to be like that
You're sad because you believe;
- without his warmth hug, nice kiss & sweet promises,
you cannot live.

Time ticking, won't stop will not turn back.
Keep moving and decide,
Love is not just about that - kiss, hug, promises and sex.
It is much more than that.

--- midnight thought, 09/10/2016

Poor the silent second.

Poor the second,
she is remain silent,
She loves a guy,
He loves her too
But she cant completely hold him tight in her arm

Poor the second,
She will always remain silent,
He gave her nothing
Even though he is the legal husband

Poor the second,
She do not want to keep silent,
But, he wont let her appear
not even in front of his family,
Their love must be done quietly,
Because their family will never agree

Poor the silent second
She can talk, but she cannot tell anything to anyone
The relationship is a secret
not because she is ugly
nor she is poor,
nor she is sick

It is because she is the second
She must remain silent

Poor you, the silent second.


Thank you

for stay when i reach my weak point
for your laugh at my lame jokes
for the smile at my stupid attitude
for the advice when i become so unmotivated
for the time wasted to satisfied my wants
for the money u used to fulfill my craved
for every single words that never fail to make me turns wise
for fulfill your promises. 

May Allah bless you always, and may Him guide you to the right path. Also, brings u to success in the earth and hereafter. 


شاكره عزوني